Election Monologue




I am appalled by what I have seen the last few days. Yesterday while my wife was giving blood for some pregnancy tests people started arguing about the whole election thing. In Front of kids! I can’t believe how ignorant and irresponsible we as people have become. If you think that what’s happening now has anything to do with Hillary or Trump then you have truly blinded yourself to the world we live in. The lack of knowledge, respect, education, ethics and morality is what’s destroying this world. A world where the kardashians are millionaires and a singer can beat his woman and make millions for years to come. A world where you say what ever you want while you hide behind a keyboard. A world where our children are exposing themselves both physically and mentally to get followers on social media. I’ve said it for the last few years… Technology is moving way to fast for us to morally and ethically adapt. Not Trump nor Hillary are going to ruin or save our society. It must start in your homes and communities. Teach kids to be kind.. To say please and thank you to respect others and to love. Be an example to them. This is ridiculous but I’ll tell you what my kids will be good with Trump, Hillary or Pepito Suarez as president because I will lead the way for them and I will try to instill and demand the same old school values I was taught by my parents … In my home I am President and my wife is the First Lady and we will teach them what we want. So please try to focus on yourselves.. Your communities and being good to each other… There has always and will always be issues in government but we must move forward… Take the headphones out and say hi, read, talk and try to stop this BS… Life has become an unethical, immoral reality show and these times are a direct reflection of this fact!


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