Dramatic monologue

I’m so scared. I don’t know what the fuck to do with my life. I kind of hate it. The only real thing I love doing is drinking Diet Coke. When I drink a Diet Coke I just feel empowered. As I feel it swish around in my mouth and the bubbles go down my esophagus and move into my stomach it into— gosh I don’t know where the hell it’s going after that. I just get this rush of energy. It’s really the only time I am OK with living though. I guess that goes to show you how much I love my flavored drinks. But after that I don’t give a shit about life. I don’t know if I want to even be in it much anymore. I’m 25 and I really don’t have anyone to live for anymore. Maybe I’m just blabbing and I don’t mean anything I’m saying right now but I just want some change in my life. I want to move on and do other things. I mean I’m really fascinated with what goes on after you’re dead. I really want to die and then come back to life and tell everyone what it’s about.  What if we had a chance where we could stab ourselves and then visit hell or heaven. You could then come back and have something to look forward to. OR maybe not look forward too. Imagine if you were the only one who really knew what it was like to live in hell or heaven. I imagine Heaven being like a huge party. Like there’s a party up there there’s constant babes running around everywhere, there’s constant money floating everywhere, you can go and buy whatever you want whenever you want— it’s the best. And like what if you had the ability in heaven to have like superpowers you know like what if you could just imagine something.. Kind of like Green Lantern’s ring but you just imagine yourself having a motorcycle and then ride that motorcycle like right there and then. Or and airplane or some nice pair of cowboy boots.  How cool would that be?


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